150 Rolls of Film

My last post was on the mental block that I have been having when I pick up a film camera so for purely therapeutic reasons I decided to go through my freezer and pull out all of the film that has been accumulating for the last 15 years and count it.  Also every time  I go into a camera store that still stocks film 20150729_150_Rolls_of_filmI  stare at the shelves and can’t remember what I should purchase so there was need to account for what I have. I have not purchased  film for at least two years, with the exception of a box of 4×5 FP4 for project that I have wanted to start. When I laid it all out on a table it came to to 150 rolls on the nose, less than I originally thought however still a good pile of film. It is a mix of colour and black and white 35mm, 120 format and  even one roll of 127 format film that I use in an old Zeiss Ikon Baby Tengor.

So after all is said and done I have 1872 exposures in 35mm.

In 120 format:

  • 645 1455 exposures
  • 6×7 970 exposures
  • Standard 6×6 1164 exposures
  • Super Ikonta 6×6 (11per roll) 1067 exposures
  • 6×9 776 exposures

If I average  out all the different formats of 120 film I’ll get about 1086 exposures.

Here’s a list of the pile. Let the shooting begin!

Black and White 120 Format

  1. Pan-F 50                               2 Rolls
  2. Tri-X 40                                6 Rolls
  3. Verichrome Pan               63 Rolls

Black and White  35mm

  1. Tech Pan   36exp                 1 Rolls
  2. SilverTone 100 36exp        4 Rolls
  3. Acros 100 36exp               11 Rolls
  4. Tri-X 400 36exp                10 Rolls

C-41 120

  1. Ektar 100                             3 Rolls
  2. Portra 160VC (old)             4 Rolls
  3. Portra 160 (new)              11 Rolls
  4. Portra 400 (new)                8 Rolls

c-41 35 mm

  1. Ektar 100 36exp                2 Rolls
  2. Portra 160 36exp             12 Rolls
  3. Portra 400 36exp             12 Rolls

Black and White 127

  1. Agfa Retro 80s                    1 Roll

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