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Bored of My Area?

I was on a car ride with my daughter recently and we were talking about creativity. I mentioned that I was feeling a little uninspired recently by the area that we live in, maybe a little bored of it. As a photographer I feel the need to see new things on a constant basis. Having a day job leaves me sort of “stuck” in my area sometimes for weeks at a time. Days where I don’t travel more than 3-4 kilometers  from my front door. Its hard to avoid the feeling like your stuck in a rut. Sure there’s the odd trip to the local larger town to go to the big box etc but those trips often don’t result in any new photos, even though I carry that damn camera bag with me everywhere  that I go.

So to clear my head I went on a bike ride and of course grabbed a camera. The bike ride did clear my head. I stopped at a local beach/boat launch 5 km from my front door and decided take a walk down the rock pier and was surprised by how many things caught my eye. Sure the overall land/beachscape was amazing as always but I have photographed it to death, however it was the little things that caught my attention. It was then that I realized how short sited it was for me to bored of my area. There is still plenty out here to explore so from now on when I feel this way I’m going for a bike ride.

Rock, Water. Wicklow Beach Ontario


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