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Camera Crazy!

Another film camera has come into my possession. Its a medium format Bronica EtrSI. The thing comes with 2-120 backs, 40mm, 75mm and 150mm lenses, 2 prisms, regular viewing hood and Polaroid back (yes you can still get it but now its made only by Fuji) and a power winder. And Its cheap or rather inexpensive. So I’m testing it, I haven’t paid for it yet, the store selling it let me take it out to try for a while. Small stores rock. If you frequent them they actually trust you as a customer that they value not just a one time sale every time you walk in. It also helps that many years ago I worked there so the owner and staff know me.

Still trying to figure out if I should be purchasing another camera but this one is rigged out for Pro use. A couple of years ago a Pro that I met had a full Mamiya RB67 for sale but wanted $1700 for it this one is $1100 less. I decided against the RB67 because

  1. It was a lot of money at the time
  2. The RB67 camera with back and a lens weighs a mothering tonne the 645 weighs no more that My Nikon D300 with grip and 24-70 2.8, which is important because I’m taking this camera out with me not only to be used in the studio
  3. 6×7 gives you less exposures per roll 9 usually 6×45 does 15. 6×7 does have film area almost double that of the 6×4.5 but 6×4.5 gives you 3 times the area of 35mm film so a great step up from Nikon and a good compromise.

Still lenses matter and I’ve used Bronica before. The owner of the store that I borrowed the camera from actually used to have a Bronica SQ-A 6×6  and on occasion he’d let me use it so I know that the lenses are pretty damn good. Below is one of those photos that I took about 16 years ago. That’s my dog Sydney, who is long gone now. The foreground focus was sacrificed slightly so he’d be sharp.

Also please checkout FilmPlus Photo Supply this is the store that lent me the camera to try. We need Stores like this around so that people like me and you can keep doing what we love.