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Camera made mistake, I learned nothing.

The above title is not entirely true. I did learn that nothing is without its flaws. In my last post I wrote about shooting on some film that had base fog. Well I’m here to tell you that things can go funny with digital as well. Although its only happened to me once, I have had the camera record the image with weird banding in it. I’m not to sure what happens, whether it is the camera or the memory card, but one thing I am sure that this one could not be blamed on me. Check out the below image. I noticed that this had happened on previewing the image so I just re shot it, a luxury that I did not have with the two rolls of fogged film. In the the end I did not like the final result but I keep all the digital shots that I take, they remind me that I can get a few good ones but there are a lot that are just sketches working to thefinal images that I show.