Paper Cups – Contact 2010

Paper Cups are used in society as a quick fix delivery mechanism then discarded without a thought. I even admit to the guilty pleasure (or not so guilty) of stopping for a quick fix then simply discarding the cup; although, I do try to find a proper receptacle, preferring recycling.  It was hard not to notice the use of paper cups when recently my small town, just off the highway 401, was chosen as the next stop for a major coffee franchise.  I noticed how the cups where so easily discarded as our town soon became littered with them. The body of work that I have created uses cups from many larger chains and also the smaller independent shops’ generic cups.  It is not about the companies themselves, but more about the use of the paper cup in general.

Drink up.

Be careful contents may be hot.

Dispose of this cup responsibly, and please do not litter!

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