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dead bird, E100SW
1999 35MM E100SW, Little Birdy

I  do a lot of work with my digital cameras, and honestly I like the results. However the other day I was going through one of my many binders that are full of negatives and found a couple of sheets of transparency film. I always overlooked my colour work from the 90’s as I was focusing my work on black and white. Now that I shoot digital I have grown to appreciate colour photography, in fact currently colour photography makes up about 80 percent of my work. So I decided to scan in the films and look at the results. I forgot how beautiful Transparency films were. The scans didn’t  have that overly sharp look of digital they were smooth and delicate, rendering the colours and tones in a very pleasing way. Now I’m wondering if we photographers were a little bit rash in the rush to digital. We all blindly dropped our film and ditched our photo labs and jumped on the newest thing when a really great thing was already under our noses. Sure now we can look at every picture we take the second that we shoot it, and the environment is probably a bit happier due to the use of a dry darkroom(AKA computer). But boy I wish knew then what I know now or I would have shot more of this type if film.

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