Making pictures this week…. hopefully.

No picture on the blog this week. This is because we are on vacation. However I will hopefully be taking some pictures on our little adventure. My big dilemma for the trip was whether to take shoot digital or film or both. And the winner is…..  film. Both cameras are loaded with Kodak Portra 160 and ready to go not to mention a backpack full of Tri-X, Acros 100 some really outdated Verichrome Pan and others. I decided on film because I wanted to shoot medium format so I brought my Zeiss 6×6 folding camera. The question of DSLR verses SLR was tough. The size and weight of the cameras are comparable the quality of the images produced from each are distinctly different, the digital having a smoother image although DX format and the 35mm introduces old fashion film grain to the image not much at lower ISOs but allows the full capability of the FX lenses. But I decided on SLR because back in March I impulse purchased a Nikon F100. I have wanted this  camera for a long time, which I think after shipping I paid $250.00, I guess it pays to wait 10 years to buy something. I really haven’t had a chance to shoot with it so I decided to take that combined with the 24-70 f2.8 and various other lenses. Sure it will cost more, I have already had to purchase a lot of film, and then the cost of processing the film and then scanning the film, but I think that I need the time that photographers used to have to tolerate in order to really appreciate the process involved in producing images. Kids this is photography without a review screen and a delete button. Just think photography that you actually have to get right the first time. I still have a Canon G11 for the family stuff though. Ha! Hard to shake the digital habit.