Mistake made, lesson learned.

At the beginning of September I found two unexposed rolls of Kodak Portra 400vc that were sitting on a shelf here at the studio. I made the assumption that I’d set them on the shelf and forgot about it a few months ago, this would not be abnormal behavior for me. Well I guess that they had been buried for a long time because when I got it back from the lab yesterday they had extensive base fog. I had a slight recollection of setting the film on the shelf but could not remember, I should have just thrown them away, as I normally freeze film right away if I’m not using it. I’m not sure where that film came from or how old it was but I have definitely learned a lesson from this. Its to bad because the shots were from a day that the family spent at Presquile Provincail Park on labour day. Luckily Tricia shot similar images on the Canon G11. There are images on the film so I might be able to do something creative with the images in the end, so all might not be lost. These are the risks with shooting on film.

Although not 100% satisfied the fixed one doesn’t look to bad.