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Phew! Printing up a storm.

Well, whenever I get something new I seem to spend a least a week running on almost no sleep, lots of caffeine topped off with a pile of sugar just so that I can try to get a grasp on the newness of it. Not much has changed with the arrival of our new printer. I’ve been prepping and printing files like a mad man so that I can see what this machine can do. So far I have no complaints. I Still don’t have the 44″ paper in stock to test the real power of this beast but I have been playing with 24″ stock with great results. 120 Film scanned colour corrected and sharpened remind me of the c-prints that we used to make at the ProLab back in the day (I haven’t worked in photo labs for 9 years now). Prints from digital files seem to upscale well thanks to PhotoShop, honestly I’ve never seen one of my digital photos larger than 19×13 (printed on the older but still great R2400), and must admit that they are a thing of beauty at 24×15 and still look great at 23×30. The only thing that I really worry about is that this printer will make me want to upgrade to medium format digital. I guess I’ll have to shoot some old fashion 120 for a couple of months to scan and print big.

The image below was one that I took Last Friday at my Grandparents house. It is of a mural that my father painted when he was a teenager or young adult I’m not sure how old he was, I’ll have to ask him. It was painted directly on the plaster and probably  4′ x 10′, so removing it was not an option. Both of my grandparents have now passed on and the house has been sold. So last Friday I decided to cruise out to Hespler when the movers where cleaning out the house and take a picture of it. I shot it in sections and then used photo merge in PhotoShop to stitch it together. I didn’t have time to light so I used available light which was pretty good because it was overcast outside I just fiddled with the mini blinds until the light was a bit more even then used a tripod and longer exposures. The first print was 12″x30″ printed on the r2400. Then I switched to the larger printer reworking the file and ended up with a 23″ x56″ once the new paper is in stock I’m going to push it even further. I think it looks pretty good for 20 minutes shooting and 20 minutes of PhotoShop. Guess what my Dad is getting for Fathers Day.

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