Time to Reflect.

Waiting on ink and paper this week. I realized that this new machine was going to eat up ink and paper but have been pleasantly surprised with how many prints that I have printed with the initial cartridges provided with the printer. Alas my Light Black warning light has come. Although the printer still says its at 18%  I’m a bit leery of printing anything to large until the supplies arrive at My supplier Oliver’s Shop Ganaraska Art and Framing . I think that this is a great opportunity to sit back and start to think big. Currently I have been reworking scans and files in order to make them large. Now’s the time to shoot some images that are intended to be large. Ummm where will I start. May be I’ll start by shooting some old fashioned film on my brand old Minolta Autocord from 1956 that I purchased on Monday. That should give me something to print large.

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