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Not Sure how this relates the the post but oh well

This weekend I called my web hosting provider to ask for help fixing the broken menus on my site. Within about 2 minutes the tech said ‘hit refresh and try out the menus’. Hooray they where fixed. Then he proceeded to tell me that the server that my blog was on is very old and there was a no charge update to move the blog to a newer server. I like new so I said lets do it. After about 30 minutes of him doing his voodoo the site was moved over and all seemed well. WELL later in the afternoon I went to check the site and all of my images were not displaying and when you clicked on them it would give you a 404 error. Bummer. I called back and talked to a different tech  and she said that due to the way that the images were built on to the site they will only link to a now non existent temporary server that was used to port my site over and the only that I could fix this was relink all of my images MANUALLY. All 230 of them. Luckily it was only 230. I just finished up a few minutes ago.

At first this was a really horribly daunting task that I didn’t really want to attack. However the more I worked away the more I started to enjoy going through all of these old pictures remembering the frame of mind I was in at that time and also to see how I have changed my approach with new cameras and software over the last four year. It was a great learning experience. I have even come up with a few things that I want to experiment with.

That being said if you notice any thing weird on my site ie. bad links etc please drop me a line to let me know.

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