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Missing. One Contact Sheet. If found please return to its role of film.

I miss having contact sheets made when I have film processed. These simple prints of a whole role of film are a great tool to quickly find the best images. I have stopped getting contact sheets made because the photo lab where I have my film processed now charges $16.50 each roll and they are now made digitally.


The  contacts below were made digitally on my old Epson flatbed scanner. I made 4 scans 5.5 x 9 inches and then used Photo Merge  to stitch them together then a little curves work and cropping and there you have it. Not the most efficient way to do contacts but it works although I wouldn’t do this for all of them its easier to scan all the individual images and make a contact through the output panel of Adobe Bridge. Perhaps a large format Epson scanner would be useful for this task if I wanted the traditional look.

20130313_Contact_sheet_35mm 20130312_Contact_sheet



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